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Finding An Exterminator Charlotte NC

Charlotte lies at the heart of North Carolina, which is home to about 200,000 inhabitants. Being one of the popular places to visit in the South, Charlotte also receives many visitors. Come springtime, some of these visitors may be of the unwanted kind. We are talking about the infestation from pests and rodents such as mice, spiders, ants, silverfish, wasps cockroaches and termites.

Although they may be small in size, pests multiply in great numbers and can be a nuisance to the residents of the home, shop owners and others. They tend to be destructive and may also lead to unhygienic conditions that may cause health-related problems. Therefore, it is necessary to find the pest control companies that are not only affordable, but also the most efficient of the businesses. Here are some options to help you find a pest control company or exterminator Charlotte NC.

NX_exterminator_spraying_sidefullBulwark Exterminating

Bulwark is one of the most popular options when you are looking for an exterminator in Charlotte. Their website can be reached at bulwarkpestcontrol.com. The company has been accredited on Yelp!, Angie’s List and has been on the receiving end of some awards that can be browsed through their homepage. Bulwark guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and their services include

●    A 48 hour callback policy that excludes Sundays and Holidays.
●    Unlimited re services in case the pests return, that too free of cost.
●    The services can be availed from 7a.m. through 8p.m. on all days of the week except Sunday and Holidays.
●    Compensation in case of failure to turn up during the scheduled time frame. Unless the service company has already rescheduled beforehand, any failure to turn up for an appointment will be compensated by a free regular service the next time.

Triangle Pest Control

With a vibrant website filled with infographics, there are a myriad of services offered that catch one’s eyes during the visit to the site. Triangle Pest Control, Charlotte NC branch, makes offers such as “get a free inspection” with just a click of the mouse. A phone number has also been provided to avail services within the same day. There are other options that are offered to help the customers navigate to services that fulfill their requirements. They can compare their pest control options between the service packages of Healthy Home, Healthy Home Plus, Healthy Home Premiere. The cost of all three and services included in each package has been mentioned as well. The nature of some of the services provided are as follows :
●    Non-toxic materials, that are formed by EPA approved formulae, are used to treat the pest infestation problems, thus eliminating the threat to family members from poisonous pest-killing chemicals.
●    Thorough inspection of the affected areas after which the trained professionals will be able to identify the sources from which the pests are entering and to the sources which are attracting them. The inspection also leads to information about the nature of the household pests or rodents- whether they are ants, roaches, spiders, rats etc.
●    Treatment specific to the case presented by the home is then carried out by the professionals, following with information that should be taken to prevent any outbreak.
●    The service company also provides routine inspections to follow up on the initial treatment.

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